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If you are looking to become a seller online or rather if you’re looking to get into online retail business, registering online is very easy and the quickest way to do so. eCommerce in India is booming. According to a study conducted by Google India, there are at least 100 million Shoppers in India. This number is increasing day by day as now we are in the era of digital world. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon India have already crossed billion dollar valuation. If you have a product to sell, this is perhaps the best time to start selling it online. Here is an ultimate guide to teach you how to sell online in India.

Before You Start Selling Online

1) Calculate the costs involved in selling online
Selling online in India or in any country for that matter involves various costs. Its important to first find out if you can make good profits after considering all those costs. There are various types of Cost involved in selling online. Lets look at some of the important costs:
(A) Shipping Cost – Visit your nearest courier or shipping company and find out how much it would cost to ship your product in various parts of India. This is applicable only if you desire to ship the item by yourself. Normally the shipping charges depend on the size and weight of the product. Incase if you desire that Market place ships your products on your behalf here is the table that will help you figure out cost. This may vary as per their terms and conditions.

(B) Packaging Cost – Packaging today, especially when goods are being transported across cities, states & borders is the biggest concern for retailers/sellers. Depending on the type of product you are planning to sell, you will need to consider the packaging cost. Check the different packing material and calculate how much you will need for one product. Calculate the total cost per product accordingly. Damaged goods/wrongly packaged goods are “the” biggest reason for customer returns & dissatisfaction. Many marketplaces provide packaging – depending on the fulfillment options chosen.
Here is the comparison chart –

Again The Packaging Cost May Vary, As per terms and condition of each marketplace.

(C) Storage Cost – Depending on the product, you might need to rent warehouse or some storage space for your products. Find out this cost as well. Some online marketplaces like Amazon let you use their warehouses at a small fee.

(D) Marketing Cost – Like any other business, you will have to tell the world that you have arrived. Surely, there are free ways to promote your business but at some point of time you will have invest in paid marketing channels. Google’s AdWords is a good platform to start with online ads and it also offers tools to calculate the costs. (Note: This is optional) 

2) Find out if its profitable to sell online

Now that you have a fair idea of different costs involved in selling online, you can do quick math to find out the profitability of your venture. Here is a simple formula : Profit Margin= Selling price – (Sourcing Cost + Packing & Shipping + Transaction Fees + Marketing Cost + Variable Costs).

If your profit margin is positive, you are good to go ahead and start selling online. If its very low or negative, you should think about minimizing the costs.

3) Create digital catalogue of your products

Assuming you have passed the profit margin test, its time to take the next step. You will need to create a list of products in a spreadsheet. Later you will be able to import that list to eCommerce marketplaces or self hosted shopping cart. This list should contain Product Code (or SKU), Product Name, Description, Category, Selling Price, Discount (If any), Brand, Colour and other applicable attributes.

Once this is done, take 3-4 good quality photographs of the product from different angles, preferably in white background. Product images play a vital role in online selling, so its recommended to take help from a professional. In some case, you can get these photos from the manufacturer as well.
(Again Taking help from professional for photo is optional, You can also Google the image of the product)

Now let us all Discuss about the Payments
When do you get paid? Each marketplace has a different payment policy and pays as per them. Marketplaces like eBay for instance, disburse the full amount as soon as the product is received by the customer or in some case after 14 days from the date of receipt confirmation of the product by the Buyer. On the other hand, Snapdeal makes the payment only about 3 weeks after product dispatch date.

Last but not the least – support from the marketplace is a huge factor, especially when starting out.We want to choose a marketplace which not only provided with pre-signup support but also while selling – in dealing with returns, payment, cancellations, etc. Many marketplaces provide support and training to its sellers. Its important for the retailer/seller to know all the policies , learn and understand the basic selling tricks before they upload the product live for selling online.

How to fix a stiff neck


Neck pain muscle stress - Asian woman massaging

It can be really irritating when you wake up in the morning with a severe pain in the neck while being unable to move your head in any direction.  A stiff neck typically is the result of muscles weakening over time from poor posture or misuse, says chiropractor Andrew Bang, DC, of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Neck stiffness is characterized by the soreness of neck along with a difficulty to move the neck sideways. Stiff neck may also cause headache, shoulder pain, and even pain in the arms. Let’s discuss the causes and symptoms of neck stiffness.


  • Sleeping in an awkward position that strains the neck muscles
  • Improper posture at work
  • Jerk in the neck due to an accident
  • Stress
  • Using a pillow that gives no support or using too many pillows while sleeping
  • Contact sports
  • A forceful sneeze


  • Decrease or limited movement of neck either to left or right
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back
  • Feeling uncomfortable while sleeping
  • Muscle spasm in the muscles of the upper back and the cervical
  • Headache and fever (stiff neck along with fever and headache may also be the reason for meningitis)

Remedies to cure Neck Stiffness 

1. Massage

Massage is a good cure for stiff neck. You can use essential oils, like pine, rosemary, lavender or juniper for massaging as it will provide the necessary warmth to the neck muscles along with increasing the blood circulation. A gentle massage greatly helps in relaxing the muscles while reducing the stiffness.

2. Heating Pad

Place a heating pad over your sore neck. It is a useful remedy which will increase the blood flow while decreasing the stiffness of the neck.

3. Ice Packs

Crush some ice and wrap it in a poly bag. Now, cover the stiff part of neck with a small cloth or towel, then place the wrapped ice over it. Ice is really useful for stiff neck pain relief. It also reduces the inflammation caused due to the soreness.

4. Hot Water Shower

Keep your neck under a shower of warm to little hot water for about 4-5 minutes. Don’t turn or move your neck while doing this. This is one of the best cures for stiff neck muscles.

5. Exercise

Exercising helps a lot. Gently move your neck in a circular motion. You can also move your neck in back and forth position. Side to side movement is also good. You can also try moving your neck in a pattern of digit-8. But, make sure it doesn’t pain.  If it pains, don’t do these exercises.

Preventive Measures

  • Sleep in a proper position.
  • Check your sitting posture, especially at work.
  • Take a break of 5 minutes from your work every hour and walk around.
  • Avoid too much stress,
  • Use a proper pillow while sleeping.
  • Don’t sleep with too many pillows.
  • Avoid driving as it may aggravate the problem.


Why Taste Salt before and after Meals?

Holy Prophet (SAW) has said: “One who eats a pinch a salt before and after a thing (food) Allah will protect him from 360 types of hardship, of which the easiest is leprosy”.

Imam Baqir (a.s.) has said: “Salt is a cure for 70 diseases and if people will come to know the advantages of salt they will not use any other cure except salt.”


Facts about Salts

Taste is a chemical sensation. Salt stimulates the taste buds of the tongue to their maximum, thus increasing secretion. Saliva thus secreted helps in the process of mastication of food, and in the preparing of the food into a bolus, suitable for digestion. Saliva also has a digestive and bacteriolytic action.
“Salt stimulates the sensory nerve endings on the tongue. This generates nervous impulses which pass via the central nervous system to trigger the corresponding motor nerve of the gland into action and commence secretion. Thus digestive juices are secreted in stomach and intestines, and the digestive system is prepared to digest and absorb the food which is to follow the initial taste of salt. Similarly, a pinch of salt at the end of a meal completes digestion. In other words indigestion and other related problems can be controlled by practicing this simple dietary advice.
Salt plays an important role in phosphorylation. The term phosphorylation includes all chemical reactions in the body which require combination with phosphoric acid. These chemical reactions are an essential part during the absorption and metabolism of different foods. It has been observed that adrenal glands (cortex) in the body control phosphorylation by helping the enzymes responsible for the process. But it is also known that many of the defects seen in diseases of adrenal glands are rectified by giving enough salt.
It is interesting to note that water absorption from the intestines is influenced by the presence of salt in it. Pure distilled water is absorbed only upto 59% but if given along with salt, the rate of absorption gradually rises to 95%.
Deficiency of salt shows reduction in fat deposits, atrophy of muscles, lung infections, retarded bone growth and reduction in bone tissue.
Lastly a word of caution for excess salt taken, which can lead to swelling all over the body especially legs and ankles, high blood pressure, hyper-acidity, stomach ulcers and paralytic strokes.

Therefore, taking a pinch of salt before and after each meal will surely fulfill one’s daily requirements.

Natural Remedies From Honey.

Natural Remedies From Honey.

Thank you all for reading my previous post. Today I will discuss the benefits of honey and how it helps to overcome various types of Illness.

Here are some of the Illnesses which can be cured by honey.

Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food, relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals.
To strengthen the semen of men, take 2 tablespoons of honey before sleeping. Women who not conceive can also take this to strengthen the uterus or can take a punch of cinnamon powder in half teaspoon of honey and apply it to the gums frequently throughout the day so that it slowly mixed with the saliva and enters the body.
Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, apply to bread/toast instead of jam and eat it regularly for breakfast.
It reduces the cholesterol in the arteries and saves the patient from heart attack. Also, those who have already had an attack, if they this process daily, re kept miles away from another attack. Regular use of the above process relieves loss of breath and strengthens the heartbeat.
In American and Canada, various nursing homes have treated patients successfully and have found that due to the increasing age the arteries and veins which lose their flexibility and get clogged are revitalised.
Make a paste of 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 5 teaspoons of honey and apply on the aching tooth. This may be done 3 times a day daily till such a time that the tooth has stopped aching.
2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water, if given to a cholesterol patient, it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood within 2 hours. Pure honey taken with food daily relieves complaints of cholesterol.
Those suffering form common or sever colds should take a 1 tablespoon of lukewarm honey with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily for 3 days.

Natural Health Remedies of Honey.

Today we will Discuss about Natural Health Remedies from Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) regarding Honey (Shehad).


  • It is best to drink and it cleanses the heart, cold, flu, and gets rid of nasal problems. 77 diseases are cured by Honey.
  • In winter to be safe from coughs, cold etc. take 3 spoons of Honey on a daily basis.
  • To get rid of constipation, take 1 glass of hot water, mix it with honey and drink in the mornings.
  • To purify blood and to get rid of pimples eat Honey at breakfast.
  • For pain in the joints, after each meal take one spoon of Honey with the niyya (intention) of Shifa.
  • To have children, men should drink milk mixed with honey.
  • Honey is an antibiotic, antiseptic, it cures heart diseases, cancer, fever, temperature etc.


In Egypt because mummies were preserved so well, a research took place and found it was due to Honey being applied to the whole body.

In our next Blog, we will also mention the cures of different types of illness from honey. Please like and Share our blog. We shall also mention the traditions of Ahlul Bayt a.s in it for the uses of Honey.

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Natural Health Remedies from Ahlul-Bayt (a.s)


Prophet Muhammed (A.S) said,
“Whoever eats 7 Ajwah Khajur on an empty stomach in the morning, magic will not have an effect on that person for the rest of the day”

The Prophet (A.S) said,
“A house without dates has no food”
This is one of the foods from Jannah (Heaven) and in it has a quality to get rid of poison within in the body.


“Khajur strengthens your back, increases (power) strength for sex, digests food and gives your mouth a beautiful fragrance”

It has been said to eat Khajur at the time of a child’s birth, because it this was also said to Bibi Maryam (a.s).
If during pregnancy, the mother eats Khajur the child will be born with the qualities of being patient and pious. If it eaten during the time of deliver than the child will be humble.

Eat Khajur after delivery of after any kind of operation or illness as it will give you instant energy.

In WHO (World Health Organisation) Dr Suleman says,’People (men) live longer in Sudan – up to 100 years, with very sound health. Research found that they had a maximum number of dates involved in their diet’.